Morocco planning

We haven’t booked our accommodation yet, but I’m hoping to book out a riad, maybe via Airbnb (I like this one) or a Riad close to the central medina, hopefully with a roof terrace so I can soak up some sun in the mornings before heading out. I prefer this to the idea of a big resort as I think you will get a more authentic taste of the culture. For our trip we also hope to mostly be out and about rather than staying inside a hotel. I can’t wait to explore The souks and the surrounding villages and cities.


I’d like to take a day trip to the fishing village Essaouira, drive up to Chefchoeun ‘the blue city’ for a day trip, admire the Atlas mountains, visit the Jardin Majorelle, the Maison de Photographie and go to a local hammam…the list goes on! I have enjoyed following @marocmama (above) on Instagram for a few months and seeing all of her tips on Marrakech. If anyone reading has been to Marrakech and can recommend anything for a first time travelled then please comment and share your tips/experiences! 

We’re currently at Gatwick airport about so i’ll hopefully be blogging from Marrakech in the next few days!

Take care, K 

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