Take note: Adobe Digital Trends 2016 review

The event was held on Wednesday 10 February at the Hamyard Hotel in Piccadilly Circus, London. The morning was split into the following agenda: Insights into 2016 digital trends, Design led businesses, Customer case study and The age of the customer. I really enjoyed this event as a digital marketing, technology and content enthusiast (& my job). Here’s an overview of the event, the notes I made and the most interesting trend insights in my opinion.

Digital Trends 2016 report

For people who don’t currently work in marketing, it is the distinguishing function of a company. The top 3 opportunities and priorities in 2016 for marketing are:

1. Optimizing customer experience. The aim is to join online and offline experiences for a more rounded marketing experience on all platforms.

2. Compelling content for digital. As well as creating, this also includes optimising content for SEO and Surfacing on social media.

3. Data driven marketing focusing on the individual. If you have the right customer data then you need to give priority to personalising the experience for your audience. 

The traditional ‘Marketing funnel’ is redundant in 2016. With each household having an average of 7 devices connected to the Internet,  mobile accounts for 45% of sales and needs to be a primary focus for businesses.

Design led businesses by Nick Turner from @razorfish creative strategies

Creative brilliance is key and the best marketing is the marketing that we can’t see – in the thinking itself.

Digital experiences used to be dictated by the technology, now we need to design for customers as nothing is impossible.
His 4 word motto for design experience: “Don’t make me think!” When visitors have to think, they often get many negative emotions. The way to counter this? Make it so easy that only positive thoughts are experienced.

The importance of Customer Experience…

The ever wonderful Airbnb shows how design led businesses need to be integrated. Airbnb treat their site as a ‘getaway experience’. The info is really clean and really simple. They offer an open book of guest reviews to get rid of anxiety. How does the Airbnb experience make you feel? Design experiences should be better than real life thanks to the doors that modern technology has opened. Audi virtual showroom, Amazon and Spotify’s Year in music were also mentioned here. Very inspiration stuff.

The Age of the Customer (Experience) by Jamie Brighton from Adobe

Businesses need to be customer obsessed, merging together a balance of personalization, data analysis and privacy into their strategies. If you have the right strategy, right people and the right culture, put the customer at the heart of everything.

Technology and digital foundation make for a connected experience for the customer journey. Content brings this all together and data backs it up enabling us to make it real-time, relevant and personalized. Video is key and mobile functionality for excellent content to reach a growing global audience

Put the content management platforms at the foundation of the digital strategy. There was then a nice plug for the Adobe softwares by the manager of Chelsea FC.

And a final quote from Jamie Brighton: “Content is still King”. Phew!

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