Mingalabar Myanmar!

If you don’t already know, I recently visited Myanmar, which is honestly the most beautiful country I have been lucky enough to spend time exploring. A little background on the country and how I came to be there: my husband works in the international development sector, in IT. He was posted to Myanmar on a project that we have known about since early last year, and we always said that I would follow him out there and we would spend some time in the country afterwards. All we had heard from his colleagues and friends who have visited Myanmar is awe and praise – and if you can’t be bothered to read this whole article I’ll say it now – Myanmar is so worth visiting and pronto! It’s a country that is clearly on the rise with massive potential. The people are warm and friendly, it’s insanely diverse with no one place the same as another it’s crazy beautiful and there is so much to see and do. Internal political issues have meant that the country has only recently opened its borders to tourists and its so pure and untouched by tourism or capitalism at the present state. If I could, I would fly back tomorrow! If you’re reading this and heading to Myanmar soon – you’re gonna love it!

To give an overview of our trip, I stayed in Myanmar for 8 days – two in Yangon, two days in Bagan, two days at Inle Lake and two days in Ngapli, Rakhin State. It’s very common in Myanmar for travellers to take long bus journeys between different areas but because we were on a small time scale (gotta make those 25 days holiday last) we flew between places.

When I was trying to research our trip I didn’t find much up to date info so my plan is to write full reviews of each of the areas we went to, how much things cost, things that we learnt over there and travel tips!

Please come back soon – I want to show you everything!

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