Naples: Pizza, churches and wandering

We’ve now been back in the UK for a week since our summer trip to Italy, so it’s time for the blog post! We stayed for two days in Naples as well as a day trip to Amalfi from Naples (post to come). I thought Naples was a very a cool city, a few days is enough time to stay, then I’d suggest moving on to the Amalfi coast for a couple of days! While in Naples we stayed in the historic centre of the city, which is the old part with all the chapels and churches and old squares. We were based right by the university on via Mezzocannone which was fun as there was a young music/party/social vibe in the area, especially at nights.

We spent two days walking all around the city, getting lost down alleyways and stumbling into random churches, chapels and courtyards. We saw the Castel sant Elmo and the San Martino museum and monastery which were amazing, the vieled Christ at San Savero, Castel Nuovo and then eating all the pizza, wine, cheese, coffee and Apreol Spritz as possible – because when in Rome Italy…


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And the pizza! On our first day we were coincidentally outside Pizzeria Sorbillo just as it was opening, so we went there first for our first lunch. We were there at the right place at the right time as every time we passed there was a 50-strong queue at all times (it was 5 mins from our Airbnb). We went back on our third and final night in Naples and ended up waiting almost 3 hours to get inside! Sorbillo Pizzeria is somewhere you have to go if you’re in Naples!

Things I’d like to do if I went again:

L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele – we went but the queue was too big
Museo Nazionale  – we went but it was closed
Chiostri di Santa Chiara – so beautiful but we didn’t find it
National Archeological Museum – for all the history and artefacts from historic Naples & Pompeii
Chiesa del Gesù Nuovo – again we couldn’t find it
Naples Botanical garden
Pompeii day trip
Read Eleana Ferrante – I’ve started reading her Naples based novel them since coming back and they are wonderful!

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