A weekend in Rome

Rome needs no introduction and all I can say is that if you haven’t been then you should book a flight and go at the first opportunity you can!

I wasn’t expecting much from Rome for some reason, but that all changed pretty much as soon as we got off the train from Naples. We stayed for two days, although we didn’t go and see the Vatican City – so I’d say three days is the right amount of time in Rome to see and do everything!

Via dei Fori Imperiali
Via dei Fori Imperiali (Colliseum approach)

We got another Airbnb that was an amazing little 1600 building/apartment in the historic district near the Piazza dei Coronari. I chose it, as having never been to Rome before, I read that it’s one of the prettiest areas of Rome with lots of bars, cafe’s and alleyways to get lost in, and it’s not a very touristy area. I straight away fell in love with the pink and orange washed walls of the old buildings, the huge wooden doors, narrow streets and plants appearing everywhere. Our Airbnb had free bikes which was a huuuge perk – I would recommend renting bikes or looking for somewhere with bikes included to get around the city. We wanted to do a bike tour on our second day but left it too late to book, but we found most of the sights on our own anyway. Here’s what we got up to in Rome with pictures to show it to you its beauty.



Via Panico
Where we were based

Day 1: The first thing we did after getting an early lunch was cycle to the Colliseum. The road approaching the Colliseum is incredible, with the Roman Forum ruins on one side and other ruins on the other, you want to look everywhere and gawp at the Colliseum in the distance all at the same time! We queued up and bought the triple tickets to the Colliseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill which was so worth the money. We did the full tour then and then got back on our bikes and cycled around in a huge loop looking for the entrance to the Roman Forum, then ended up stopping for gelato as it was so hot.

DSC03959.jpgDSC03968Photo 31-08-2017, 15 40 12DSC03967DSC03960
By the time we cycled back around to where the Roman Forum is it was closing so we cycled back in to the city and we went to the Tiber river bank which is lined with market stalls, shops, restaurants and bars and was very cool. We stopped for dinner at a middle eastern restaurant that was overlooking the rapids then walked along the mile or so of shops taking in the atmosphere of the riverbank coming alive for the evening and to walk off all the meze. This would definitely be a cool place to head to on a Saturday night and was recommended by our Airbnb host! We then headed back to our place and I demanded we watch Gladiator as I wasn’t really over the incredible magnitude of the Colliseum and having seen it IRL!

Day 2 (my birthday): We woke up really early and went for breakfast around the corner on Via dei Coronari before cycling to the Roman Forum before 1) it was too busy and crowded and 2) before the sun really came out.




The ancient ruins are amazing, definitely go and have a wonder round and stay close to a tour group if you can to hear the tales about what happened here when it was a thriving city centre!

DSC03994DSC03982DSC03987Photo 01-09-2017, 08 39 34

We then cycled back to the Airbnb and drop off the bikes to explore the centre of the city by foot. We headed first to the Pantheon and then over to the Trevi fountain and everything surrounding it.DSC03999Photo 01-09-2017, 11 08 08

It was at this point that the heavens opened and the most unexpected downpour came from nowehere, soaking all the tourists in sight. This was actually a silver lining as we found a tiny little wine bar on Via della Panetteria where we had wine and cheese washed down with complimentary Limoncello and chats with the shop owner about wine and Italy.

Photo 01-09-2017, 13 07 00

When the wine was finished and the rain stopped we headed back out towards the Spanish steps and the Piazza di Spagna.

Photo 04-09-2017, 20 35 32

Spanish Steps

The next morning we headed back to Termini and took the train to the Airport, amazed by the beauty and history of Rome. I think I’ll go back at some point in the future for sure, although probably not in summer again!

Thanks for reading, K

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